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You can download the PSD for the ring of fire below:


Zip file

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Creating a ring of fire
Create a new document, 1000×1000 pixels, black background
On a new layer, create a perfect circle using the eliptical marquee tool and fill it with white.
Now go to Select > Modify > Contract and contract the selection with 15 pixels. Delete the selection. Now you should have a ring-like shape.
Next, go to Filter > Stylize > Wind and apply it “from the right. Press CTRL+F (Command+F on the Mac) to another 2 times to repeat the filter. Now you should see something like this:
Now go to Image > Rotate canvas > 90 C. Now, using the smudge tool, with a strenght of 50%, start painting on the ring. Yous should have something like this:
Now press CTRL+U ( the hue/saturation command) and click “colorize” and use these settings: Hue:35, Saturation:

75, Lightness: 17. You should have something like this:

Now duplicate the layer and put the top layer on Linear dodge mode from the layer blending options. You’re done:
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The TV scan line effect
Open the image you want to add the effect to. Mine is this:
Now make a new document, transparent background, 1×2 pixels. Fill with black a pixel then go to Edit > Define pattern and call it whatever you want.
Now close the pattern document and go to the image. Go to Edit > Fill And fill the image with the pattern you created. Now you’re done.
This is used for making the effect for TV http://www.photoshopnerds.com/images.

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