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Creating Light Ray Effect

In this logo we’ll create a light ray effect. Basically we want an effect in which there is a light zoom behind the actual logo. Such
effect look good on dark backgrounds with font in bright color.

We’ll start by typing our text "Enlighten". Create a duplicate layer of this text.


In layer window rasterize the text layer which is below in order.

To the rasterized layer apply filter>>blur>>radial blur.

We’ll use zoom in radial settings to create a light zoom effect.

Reapply the filter by pressing Ctrl + F. This key command reapplies the last filter you have used with same settings as before. Alternatively you can also apply the filter using menu filter>>radial blur.

In layer window select top layer of text.Double click to open layer style window. Apply inner shadow and use settings as shown.

Add subline of the logo in a new layer.

Copy layer style of enlighten text layer and paste on yoga and meditation text layer. This will apply inner shadow to this text too

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Logo embossed in a metal sheet

In this tutorial we’ll create an effect of a logo embossed in a metal sheet. Start by creating a gradient background. We used green to white to green.

In channel panel create a new alpha channel. Click on second icon from bottom right to create a new channel. this new channel is named alpha 1 by default.

Using custom shape tool (U) create a shape of tiger’s paw in white color.

Create a circle thin frame shape surrounding the tiger’s paw.

Type pugmarks below the shape with a nice font.

Now switch to layers panel. Select filter>>render>>lighting effects. ( if you see lighting effects disabled, you are proabably working in CMYK mode. Switch to RGB mode to work with render effects).

In render effect panel select alpha 1 from texture channel field at the bottom.

This will show the design you created in alpha 1 channel in an embossed pattern. Adjust height setting at the bottom of the window. This setting adjust the depth of design. We used 44. Click ok to apply the settings.

Our pugmarks logo is ready, showing effect as if it is embossed on back of a metal sheet.

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Defocusing background
in photoshop

At times you like some element or person to stand out from rest of the elements in a photograph. This can be achieved by defocusing unwanted or less important elements in the background.

We’ll start by opening a flower shot. In this image we’d like our pink flower to stand out. We’ll defocus the leaves and others flowers to achieve the required effect.

Use lasso tool (L) to create a rough selection surrounding the pink flower.

You can smooth out the selections by appling feather
 (Ctrl + Alt +D)

From select menu click inverse ( Ctrl + Shift + I ). This will invert the selection.

From filter menuselect blur>>gaussian blur.

Use radius setting to achieve the proper amount of defocusing.

The background is defocused now making our pink flower to stand out.

Add your company logo and use it for your flyers, calendars or website home page.

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