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Making a compact disc
Make a new document, 1000×1000 pixels, transparent background.
With the circular marquee tool and make a prefect circle and fill it with white.
With the same marquee tool, make a smaller circular selection on the same layer and hit DELETE key. Your cd should look like this for the moment.
Now CTRL+click on the layer’s thumbnail to bring up the selection. Fill it with a blue color. I used #008ec3
Now duplicate the layer and on the upper layer from the layer style, give it a gradient overlay like this in my example:
Make a new selection like in my example and hit delete key to delete it. Put this layer on “Difference” mode and lower the opacity to 60%. Here is my example:
Now take the gradient tool, go to gradient editor and choose the “transparent rainbow” as in my example, then choose the angle gradient.
Make a new layer above all the others and fill it with the gradient (drag the gradient from the center of the cd to a corner). Your image should look like this:
Now CTRL+click on the big cd layer to bring the selection back, CTRL+SHIFT+I to inverse the selection and then go again to the gradient layer and hit delete. Put the layer on “Hard light” mode. Now your image should look like this:
Now duplicate the rainbow layer, choose move tool and rotate the layer like in my example, 90-130 degrees. Keep the layer on “hard light mode” but lower the opacity to 50-70%. You’re done:
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Add focus to the image
This tutorial is for adding a focus element on a photo that lacks one. For example, in my example image, the main element is not distinguished clearly by the viewer because of the heavy background. Also the background is in the same tonality with the subject and this doesn’t help the girl.
Now our main task is to make a difference between the girl and the background. There are many ways of cutting an image. I’ve chosen Extract. So duplicate the layer and go to Filter > Extract.
Choose the pen tool and begin drawing the subject like in my example. After you’re done, take the paint bucklet in the same extract window and paint the girl to show that you want that area kept.
When you are satisfied with the selection, hit OK.
If you click to turn off the main layer visibility, your image should look like this:
Turn the layer visibility back to ON and hit CTRL+U to bring the HUE/Saturation dialogue up. We have 2 choices: to make the background grayscale, so we would drag the slider of the saturation down to -100% or to change the bakground tones. In my case, I used the second variant.
This is the new photo and you can clearly see that now the main point of the photo, that attact the viewer from the very beginning is the girl.

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