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Filed under Photoshop Tutorials - admin @ December 20th, 2005
Creating Light Ray Effect

In this logo we’ll create a light ray effect. Basically we want an effect in which there is a light zoom behind the actual logo. Such
effect look good on dark backgrounds with font in bright color.

We’ll start by typing our text "Enlighten". Create a duplicate layer of this text.


In layer window rasterize the text layer which is below in order.

To the rasterized layer apply filter>>blur>>radial blur.

We’ll use zoom in radial settings to create a light zoom effect.

Reapply the filter by pressing Ctrl + F. This key command reapplies the last filter you have used with same settings as before. Alternatively you can also apply the filter using menu filter>>radial blur.

In layer window select top layer of text.Double click to open layer style window. Apply inner shadow and use settings as shown.

Add subline of the logo in a new layer.

Copy layer style of enlighten text layer and paste on yoga and meditation text layer. This will apply inner shadow to this text too

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